Air tightness testing


What is air tightness test?

An air tightness test measures dwelling density and ensures that the air leakage figures are within the requirement of TEK 10. We perform the test with a Blower Door fan, which is temporarily sealed into an exterior doorway. The fan is used to blow air into or out of the building in order to measure the air pressure changes inside the building. It will highlight if there are any air leaks in the building. The result of the test shows the building’s air leakage figures.

Pressure testing can also be used in older buildings to check leakage and the location of leaks.

How the test is taken?

Before the pressure test is taken in building, all windows, doors and openings have to be closed so that no air enters to the building.

All penetrations, such as ventilation systems, extractors, etc. are sealed.

Blower Door is mounted in a doorway or window. This is a dense fabric with a fan mounted in the center. The system and fan are controlled via computer, which records all values in the process.

We always run a test with pressure up to 50 Pa to detect any air leaks. Then run full pressure test with under- and overpressure in the building.

The result given in the report is used as documentation for the building’s air leakage numbers.


Price for an air tightness test is from kr 5000, – Incl.Vat. Prices are depending on the building’s size and design.

Please contact us for more detailed price.

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