Energy certificate


To rent out or sell property, it is required to submit an energy classification on a scale from A to G, in line with the classification of appliances. Seller/landlord is responsible for ensuring that this exists.

The energy label is produced in one energy certificate that has a grace period of 10 years but can be renewed if desired.

Energy certificate contains the following elements:

  • Heating Brands
  • Energy label
  • Energy
  • Measures
  • Summary

We use NVE`s energy labelling scheme to perform the energy label. Alternatively SINTEF Building and Infrastructure “TEK Check Energy” is used for assessment.

There are 2 ways how buildings can be energy certified by NVE:

  • Easy energy labelling.

This is a very simplified calculation which only takes into account a standard building type from a given year. The calculation does not take into account if better insulation, windows, etc. has been used, compared to what was required in the construction year. It also does not take into account if any renovations / improvements have been done.

  • Advanced energy labelling.

This calculation can only be performed by specialist who is qualified under the regulations. The energy label provides a character based on exact condition of the building. Here also any proposed energy measures that provide savings can be included.


Price for a single energy labeling is from kr 500, – Incl.Vat. and for advanced energy labeling of kr 2500, – Incl.Vat.

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