Independent verification

Uavhengig kontroll

The regulations are intended to ensure the construction of the right quality and reduce building faults. independent control is used to carry out quality assurance of the construction work, making sure that the engineering of the project meets the requirements of TEK and that construction work is carried out according to drawings and specifications.

TM Byggtek AS has central approval for independent verification in development class 1, wet room and air tightness.

Independent verification in Class 1 includes:

  • Moisture protection in wet rooms. Control includes mainly construction and it is most appropriate to perform control after sealing layer is installed and all penetrations are sealed. Inspection have to be completed, before any surface layer tiles installed. This corresponds generally between 1 to 3 inspections.
  • Air tightness in new houses. The inspection includes design review and air leakage testing to ensure the expected quality is achieved.

We carry out airtightness testing with Blower Door equipment.

We use as tools to complete independent verification. In addition we develop our own checklists based on the documentation for each control assignment.

After completed independent verification, we prepare full written report and control declaration.


TM Byggtek is using to complete independent verifications.

Through this tool we have checklists, documents and procedures that provides good oversight and control through all missions.

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